The Work

The nature of this work is unique. I focus on the interpersonal interactions and dynamics that lead to extraordinary levels of collaboration and results. It is a deep exploration into the nature of human beings as well as the nature of “human relating” in the workplace. In the workplace environment, people interact with each other in a jointly constructed reality. This means that each individual in concert with others creates the day-to-day reality of what is known as The Company. Their collective and individual beliefs, attitudes and interactions give rise to the experience of organizational life, and in turn define the emerging results of the company.

rowing Visions, mission statements, business plans, designed systems are all important, yet they do not do the work of the organization. The daily reality of the organization requires the ability and agility to respond to the unexpected, to the daily situations that may not fall neatly into the organization’s systems and procedures. When employees are faced with challenges, surprises and the non-routine, seamless responses only occur when there are successful interactions between employees. Once again, it’s the people successfully relating with each other, one interaction after another, that ensures the company will be able to respond successfully to its changing environment and daily demands.

The ability of a company to interact collaboratively, to have the conversations that forward action, to invite the conversations that create novelty and creative solutions are what makes a company great.

If you are a company with any of the following challenges, this could be your solution

  • Employees not in alignment with company vision, values or goals
  • Divisions and silos within the company
  • Poor or mediocre teamwork or results
  • Undercurrents of dissatisfaction or “water cooler” conversations
  • Breakdowns between departments, turf wars
  • Slow responsiveness to client or internal needs
  • Inability to go from “good” to “extraordinary”
  • A desire to expedite growth and evolve as a company
  • Lack of innovation and collaboration

Contact me if you would like to discuss whether this is right for your company.