“In an imaginative and very effective way, without lectures or criticism, Susan opened our eyes to the counterproductive, often petty and misguided culture and negative habits and systems we were obliviously encouraging. Susan guided us into putting in place an effective, long term program based on teamwork, respect and understanding, an easy to follow system that led to far better functioning and made our firm more effective, well -liked and successful. It has been a better place to work, too! I highly recommend Susan as an effective, smart, resourceful and very knowledgeable organizational consultant.”
Rich Reynolds, Sr. Partner, BSRA Law

Susan’s work with me has transformed my life and the lives of those around me. Friends, family and colleagues have commented how enjoyable it is to be with me now, where in the past I subconsciously kept them at bay. Susan’s unintimidating style made it easy for me to speak the truth. I use the tools and practices she taught to me every day.”
David J Shohfi, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Susan has an extraordinary skill that cuts to the heart of the matter in short order. Her exceptional expertise in identifying personal and team dynamics that inhibit growth and improved performance and designing breakthrough strategies has proven to be extremely valuable to our organization.”
George Searcy, Executive Director, Hope Through Housin

Joining the Conscious Leadership Program has been instrumental in facilitating my growth as a leader and as a human being. Susan’s facilitation has been outstanding. Her ability to perceive, interpret and provide feedback both on my strengths and development areas has been one of the most valuable parts of participating in the CLC program. I wholeheartedly recommend Susan as well as CLC to any leader interested in becoming the best they can.”
Adam Robinson, CEO, Gov Place

Susan’s 20+ years of accumulated understanding of an organization and its relationships allow her to resolve meaningful core issues, and create awareness in the individuals or teams that permanently change dynamics. Building Courageous Leaders and Team Building is absolutely extraordinary and not to be missed with Susan Mayginnes . The results are not only identifiable, measureable, and sustainable but quite possibly life changing for those with the courage.”
Michael Mugel, CEO, Red Mountain Retail Group

The 12 months prior to starting Susan’s CEO Program, my company had gross revenues (total sales) of $830,000. In the year following the program, our gross revenues were $3,393,000. That’s an increase of 309%. And this was done during the recession and subsequent soft recovery. And we continue to grow like crazy. When The Program started we had 6 locations, all in San Diego County. Now, we have 14 locations throughout San Diego County, Orange County, and LA. We’re going to open locations in the SF Bay area in January. I credit a good portion of our growth as being made possible by the changes I went through with my participation in the CEO Program”
Matt Hedman, CEO, The Perfect Workout, Inc.

Susan provides an unparalleled opportunity for busy executives to focus on what we want to create in our lives from both a professional and personal perspective.”
Richard Cisakowski, CEO, Distinguished Homes

Susan Mayginnes brings a special element of uniqueness to our leadership group that no one else possesses. Her open and focused style of coaching and training is above all others I’ve experienced. Her program has helped me uncover the real leader in myself and gain confidence in my abilities to influence others.”
Tracey Stangerone, CEO

Susan is a living, breathing inspiration to transformation. She is powerful, articulate and engaging. Her clarity of mind and openness of heart touch people wherever she goes. I highly encourage people to use her many gifts and talents in any way they can.”
Dr. Gay Hendricks, PhD., Author: Conscious Living and The Corporate Mystic

Susan got to the core of the issues in ways that reached and appealed to everyone, and gave us lasting tools to continue to operate on our own at a new level.”
Burke Franklin, CEO, JIAN, Publishers of Bizplan Builder

I cannot discuss the benefits of Susan’s approach without referring to the overwhelming effect it has had on the personal lives of the participants. I have seen it rekindle stagnant marriages, restore parent-child communications and free individuals of co-dependant behaviors. My own abilities to resolve conflicts, cope with setbacks and express a full range of emotions with compassion has reached a new level I never thought possible. It has opened the door for me to live life more fully and to take advantage of new personal and professional opportunities.”
Candace Walsh, VP of Human Resources, Seiko Instruments

Susan gets a team in true relationship and communication with each other as well as uncovering the “hidden” problems that ultimately undermine even the most determined good planning. She is able to do this in a manner that even the most hardened know-it-all will come away from feeling supported and valued. Susan’s processes for creating corporate values, strategic intent, accountability, responsibility and key drivers will absolutely focus a company on the task at hand in a way that energizes, enthuses and commits a team individually and collectively.”
Tye Smith, CEO, Natural Partners, Inc.

Insightful, decisive, articulate, caring, forcefully truthful, incredibly smart and oozing with integrity. These are the qualities I think of when someone asks me to describe Susan Mayginnes.
I first met Susan in 1985 and was immediately struck by her commanding presence as she led an executive leadership conference I was attending. Over the years I have known Susan as a trusted advisor, mentor and friend. Someone to bounce ideas off of – and to share a few laughs with along the way. Susan is a rare gem in a world of “flash-in-the-pan” success. She is a rock. You can trust her and rely upon her word completely.”

Jim Coughlin, Former President, StarTemps, Inc.

I’ve known Susan for nearly 30 years and I can definitely say that she is all of the following: Insightful Reliable Extraordinary at facilitating meetings/seminars/workshops and Fun. In addition she is able to connect with all kinds of people and build a safety environment that makes it easy for people to open up to her. If you hire Susan, she will over deliver.”
Rick Itzkowitch, Co-Founder, Productive Learning

Susan easily transforms conflict into learning and creates an environment of heightened creativity, allowing clients to transform stuck attitudes and positions into new possibilities and positive action.”
Janice Beard Bull, Director, Somatic Psychology Dept., Naropa Institute

Susan’s years of experience are part of the formula that makes her an outstanding teacher, facilitator and group leader. She has incredible intuition and insight and is the absolute best at helping people to become more aware of their self-limiting thoughts. But even more, she has a gentle and unique way of helping you to grow beyond even your own expectations! I highly recommend Susan!”
Pam Russell

Susan has done a wonderful job in helping me and my team bring awareness to our unconscious patterns hence improving our business and personal life. She has a rare ability to see core hidden issues that others can’t see.”
Reza Etadali, CEO, Reza Investment Group

Susan became an integral part of my company board acting as company culture and training resource and my company grew from $45MM in assets to $1BB in assets in 8 calendar years. Starting with 4 employees and growing to over 150 employees, Susan was involved every step of the way.”
Mike Mugul, CEO, Red Mountain Retail Group