Conscious Leadership Circle

3guysshadowThe CLC is an unparalleled, invitation-only program designed to offer CEO’s and executives a powerful format for personal and professional transformation, so that they can bring forward extraordinary leadership to fulfill their highest purpose.

The CLC is designed to develop the most essential leadership capacity for our time: the ability to unleash the power of your own intellect and creativity and generate powerful relationships; to collaboratively shape the future as a world where people want to belong. Leadership is about unleashing human possibilities and capabilities in yourself and in your circles of influence, and to break free of limitations created organizationally or self-imposed.

This program will give you the specific tools and skills to do this in an environment of like-minded comrades and high achievers, based on the latest research in brain science and using the most effective methodologies available today.

We will start the program with having people define specific breakthroughs that they want to create in themselves, their leadership and in their organization. We will define measurable outcomes of breakthroughs in these areas. We will align each person’s breakthroughs with their underlying core values for personal and organizational integrity.

After that, each session will start with looking at the progress in these areas or lack there of and defining what is in the way of commitment and results. Each session will offer clear, specific, usable and actionable keys to advancing results.

Each session will offer a variety of transformational process work, perceptual tools, powerful skills and group interaction designed to forward the desired breakthroughs and develop leadership capability. This will allow each person to access the thinking, internal states and awareness necessary for transformation and breakthrough to occur. We will explore and dismantle patterns that keep us stuck in old, habitual ways of being and relating as leaders. As we open up to these shifts in thinking and perception, we will experience leadership as a creative influence in which we can manifest the best of ourselves and reveal the best of others. We will find authenticity in our connection with ourselves, each other, and the people in our lives.

The group is small in size so that everyone’s challenges and interests can be addressed in the sessions.

The meetings will be facilitated by Susan Mayginnes Howard. Each meeting will introduce a specific focus or theme/or and tools relevant to the overall theme of Conscious Leadership.

The program will challenge underlying beliefs and assumptions regarding leadership, power and influence. We will learn from each other and from  modeling the extraordinary thinking and behaviors of highly successful leaders and achievers. We will break through limitations in perception and patterned ways of thinking to open up new possibilities for action and results.   Applications are open.  You can apply here: